About Blue Ocean


The Company

Established in February 2013, Blue Ocean Multi Client Family Office LLP is a boutique integrated financial services firm offering financial advisory services to elite customers including corporates. The primary objective of the founders is to provide accountable, unbiased and transparent financial advisory services.

Being the clients’ fiduciary is paramount in all our relationships. We assist our clients in organizing and managing their estate and suggest the nature of family office needed, which could range from a multi-functional comprehensive family office to customized single purpose family office. Specifically, for our clientele of business owners and corporates, our comprehensive family office platform provides an integrated approach to multi-generational family sustenance, wealth management and fiduciary services.

Our approach is avowedly strategy-based with a holistic view of wealth and related aspects, bringing prudence to the often-disintegrated approach to investments. We have been credited with setting up a formal and documented investment and wealth management process which encompasses every step - right from detailed investment proposal evaluation to execution of the proposal.

Our Core Values


We are committed to the highest standards of ethical business.


We visualize and innovate to meet the challenges of dynamic environments.

Fiduciary Responsibility

We have only one agenda - to be the client fiduciary.


We believe transparency demonstrates integrity and builds trust.


We are independent, objective, well-researched and accountable.