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Case Studies

Our Case Studies

To best understand how Blue Ocean can help you, we have compiled what we have done for others as case studies. The solutions provided are unique to each individual client and their needs/requirements. Our case studies are based on actual circumstances, fictionalized for confidentiality.


Mr A is a first generation entrepreneur aged over 50 years. His family includes his spouse, a homemaker and a son who is in his early 20s who is not keen on taking over business. Mr A, exited a portion of his business in 2007 and unlocked substantial wealth which needed to be managed.

We were present along with other service-providers to advise the client. The Initial scope of work included strategic investment advisory on a portion of client’s wealth

Scope of Work

We proposed a more holistic approach of strategic asset allocation and defined tactical asset allocation across advisors

Key Achievements
  • Proved the importance of asset allocation and holistic approach to wealth management to the client; the collapse of 2008-09 accentuated the client’s belief in our approach.
  • Result was our team handling complete network based wealth management for the client since 2010.

Additionally, the following processes were created:

  • Created the family's Investment Policy Statement and an Investment Committee (IC) consisting of the client, his son, CFO of their group and ourselves for approval of any strategic asset allocation changes, evaluation and approval or otherwise of investment opportunities / advisors and portfolio reviews
  • Customized asset allocation developed after various discussions within the IC with focus on risk-return equilibrium. Client’s expertise in real estate ensured that while real estate was considered for asset allocation, it was considered part of unsupervised assets
  • CAGR of 19.2% during 2008-13 on the overall portfolio vs market 16% CAGR(RE/PE/VC taken at cost); excluding savings on account of efficient tax planning to the tune of Rs.7.5 crores
  • Wealth Protection and Succession Planning: a certain portion of wealth ring fenced in the family trust; and the son has been actively involved in meetings.
  • A well functioning and process driven wealth management experience.
  • BO currently manages 5 other clients in this category – clients with listed companies or companies on trail to IPO.

Mr B is a first generation entrepreneur aged above 45 years. his family includes his spouse, a homemaker and their two sons – aged 20 and 16. Mr B established a firm in the US and exited the same in an acquisition to a larger MNC. He later joined the acquirer in a senior management role. He has had a successful career serving in key senior management roles in various MNCs before retiring in 2013

A PIO with US citizenship, the client returned to India in 2006; close to 50% of his assets are invested in the US markets while the rest are invested in Indian markets.

Scope of Work

The initial scope of work included family office services handling the complete portfolio of the client across all asset classes and geographies. (The US portfolio is being managed by a leading investment management firm based out of the US with oversight and periodic review by BO).

Key Achievements
  • Created the family's investment policy statement which is the cornerstone for all investment decisions.
  • Taking a holistic approach allowed BO to view an integrated portfolio and identify opportunities to optimize risk - return at lower overall portfolio cost; e.g., the US portfolio wound up all positions in the emerging markets lowering the cost of managing those investments through SMAs and helped in having a focused approach to investment.
  • Developed separate investment strategies for both geographies for tactical allocations; e.g. absolute return strategy of Indian portfolio and relative return strategy for the US portfolio.
  • Shift across the risk-return continuum through focused approaches in management of the portfolio across geographies
  • Leverage on forex and risk-return anomalies through an integrated approach.
  • Lowered the cost of investment management through stringent product and return evaluation while delivering returns above the benchmarks

ABC is a listed software services company. It had a detailed and well thought out investment plan which was approved by its board. But the lack of adequate knowledge by the internal team and inappropriate advice led to a stalemate in investments with company parking most of its money in either its current account or FDs.

Scope of Work
  • Corporate treasury advisory in line with the Board approval for its Indian and global subsidiaries.
  • Creating required documentation and investment policy statement.
  • Creating monthly / quarterly / annual review mechanism.
Key Achievements
  • Engaged in detailed discussions with the company’s CFO and Finance Manager on various aspects of treasury management.
  • Educated the team on the risk profile of various investment opportunities and the expected returns on each.
  • Helped the team create necessary documentation and create appropriate processes for the investments. Created an investment policy statement to define scope of investments.
  • Matched the investment duration with the cash flow planning; helped the company take viable and informed decisions.
  • Created monthly reporting process for investment review.
  • Helped set up mechanism to evaluate total credit risk across investment.
  • Helped set up mechanism to evaluate qualitative & quantitative parameters of products before investment.
  • The company is currently investing across various duration in the various instruments based on the cash flow requirements and predictions
  • Approval in place to invest in equity markets. Processes for the same are currently being developed.

Mr C is a senior entrepreneur with an established firm in the Middle East, which he is actively involved with. Currently helping him run the business are his own family as well as those of his brother and brother-in-law.

The lack of adequate knowledge by the internal family members/core team led to their investments being parked in fixed deposits and real estate. We presented our values and ethos which led them to entrust with the task of creating a family office for them.

Scope of Work

The initial scope of work included complete family office services. We also helped with the following:

  • Created a strategy for financial assets and family wealth globally, and in India.
  • Provided advice on financing their business activities in India.
  • Setting up a foreign entity outside India to channel investments across the globe.
Key Achievements
  • We created a financial strategy following asset allocation as a fundamental rule to channel client investments. The strategy included the overall family, along with individual requirement of each family member.
  • Set up a family council consisting of key family members and decision-making frameworks.
  • Periodic review of the financial plan to update changes in the client’s financial net worth and goals.
  • Set up an entity in Singapore to channel investments globally.
  • Diversify holdings across the globe with USD investments across multiple product suppliers.
  • Adopting an integrated approach to wealth management helped us implement a financial strategy for the client’s business keeping in mind the overall family wealth and individual member requirements.
  • The client has evinced interest to set up an investment firm in India pooling in his close business associates to participate in it based on our capability.

Mr A is a senior management at a large MNC. He earned a sizable income by company remuneration via salary and ESOPs. Lack of time on managing assets led to investments being carried out in a haphazard manner.

Scope of Work
  • Initial scope of work included reconciliation of existing investments.
  • Creating formal vision statement for the investment of capital and a strategic framework.
  • Creating required documentation and investment policy statement.
  • Creating monthly / quarterly / annual review mechanism.
Key Achievements
  • Created the client’s investment policy statement outlining areas of investment along with asset allocation details.
  • Simplified the number of holdings in the existing portfolio to better focus on investment areas.
  • Consolidated real estate investments across geographies into core investments based on growth strategy/yield strategy.
  • The client is now able to focus on existing investments and can track theirperformance across all areas of investment.
  • Yield strategy of real estate to take care of part of cash flows for retirement of client.