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About Blue Ocean


Blue Ocean Family Office

Blue Ocean seeks to act as a trustee and counsel for families and individuals to cover areas such as investment, asset protection, tax, estate, succession planning; building and sustaining multi-generational wealth.

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Investment Advisory Process

Blue Ocean’s investment advisory process follows a linear flow.

Client profiling

  • Asset/Liabilities
  • Income/Expenses
  • Financial Goals
  • Risk Appetite
  • Return Expectation

Asset Class

  • Ascertaining viable asset classes
  • Preparing efficient frontier

Asset Allocation

  • Strategic allocation
  • Tactical allocation

Investment Policy

  • Documenting policy statement
  • Shortlisting avenues for asset allocation


  • Implementation of
    portfolio strategy

Reporting and Review

  • Portfolio reporting
  • Regular monitoring of portfolio
  • Review of investment strategy

Areas of Advice

Asset Protection

Wealth Preservation Planning (WPP) includes ring fencing, distribution and preservation of family wealth. WPP is for HNIs, families with potentiality of disputes over family wealth, those who would like to provide for their next generation or for succession planning. The key objectives of WPP are:

  • Estate Disposition: Planning and documenting the ownership and control of family property to avoid disputes.
  • Value System: Ensuring continuity of family value systems through protection and conservation of critical family resources.
  • Controls: Ensuring control over distribution and use of family assets.
  • Other Objectives: Tax efficiency, philanthropy
Estate Planning

Estate planning helps to secure and manage one’s estate during a person’s life and after they are gone. It allows you to transfer wealth within your family and decide who will benefit from your estate. It also ensures that your estate is not destroyed by taxes imposed on the transfer of assets after death. We can help you keep track of these assets, monitor them and maintain records. We can also assist in setting up trusts and foundations to act as effective tax planning solutions.

Family Office Services

The family office helps manage the financial needs of a family in order to diversify family investments, reduce risks and complexities, ring fence family wealth and support the family’s personal affairs.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management philosophy is inspired by the efficient market hypothesis proposed by Harry Markowitz.

We use two types of investment strategies:

  • Strategic asset allocation: Which sets the course for investment across asset classes.
  • Tactical asset allocation : Which engages in an active portfolio management in order to take advantage of market anomalies.

Consistent with our strategy, we continue to build portfolios selectively and cautiously while navigating through this volatile environment with a focus on margin of safety and risk adjusted returns.

Inheritance Planning

The way you plan your estate and manage your inheritance is very important if you want to secure your family’s financial future. Inheritance Planning is more than just having a valid will in place, it’s a tailored plan that takes into consideration your assets, financial standing and personal risks. It’s a plan that ensures your assets are structured effectively so that they can be passed on to your chosen beneficiaries, while at the same time eliminating some of the risks and minimising the tax payable to your estate.